Tuesday, November 6, 2007

...made for others...

Care without return,
Love without expectation.
You shall suffer-
Never mind...

All this suffering,
The thought,
That you cared and others didn't,
You showed concern,
For those who didn't bother,
And for those who did-
You cared for all.

And then when you lie,
Ready to be quiet for ever,
You shall be glad,proud,satisfied,
You showered all you could.
Rose above your pretty ego.

You were,
made for others...

Saturday, October 13, 2007


why does a child have to fall before he can walk?
why does the sun have to rise when you can barely close your eyes?
and why is it so tough to close your eyes when the night falls?

why do people come into your life when all you want is to be alone and enjoy the solitary bliss...

and why do they have to leave when you start loving them?

why do tears come out of your eyes when you are the happiest?

and alternatively why is it so hard to cry when you are grieving?

why do you always learn from your mistakes when you have been warned about them so many a times?

why does a journey have to end when you start enjoying it?

why does oppurtunity always have to knock on your door when you are tired of trying?

and why can i just sit down here and write this when in the end i'll have to tell my ownself that you cant truly cherish the happy moments unless you've seen the lows??

Friday, June 15, 2007

...dreams 'N' reality..

i thought i could live in that
beautiful world forever
but just when i felt so..
i realized it was just a dream
when i thought i could treasure it
as a memory...
it hurt me like a wound
for the reality said something else
when i thought i could forget it
i realized it had become a part of me
something beautiful things are just
meant to be like that......