Friday, January 22, 2010

...Silver Beads...

They want to uproar with a message was what I thought,
When I glared at the mystic and dark outline of her eyes-
I should have realized that it was going to be really tough,
But once we're in the maze, all we want to do is get out.

She seemed to be lost in some random melody,
Probably whispering the lyrics of her favorite song,
Clutching something really tightly in her right hand,
And moving like a breeze in an unknown direction.

As she moved further, she slowly uncurled the fingers of her hand,
I stared at it for long, and noticed some tiny silver beads.
One after the other, she started dropping them cautiously on the mud,
It reminded me of that fairy tale where dropped pebbles lead to a happy ending.

But I kept on wondering, those
Beads were as small as the tip of a needle
Too small to even notice - but maybe enough
For the one who may come after them one day, I concluded.

After dropping all possible hints,
She finally sat down on the damp pavement
Deep in a reverie, she suddenly smiled
For once - what a killer smile it was.

As my heart started connecting with hers,
It seemed to give me a sweet yet sour feeling;
On one end, she inspired me somewhere deep down,
And on the other, she confused me further by not being open.

As I tried approaching her, slowly and calmly
She got up and hastened towards a safer place
“I won’t harm you”, I cried loudly
But one.two.three, she just simply vanished.

As I tried to move further,
I banged my head against something hard,
I should have realized that I was just
Standing in front of my room’s mirror.