Thursday, August 26, 2010

A rose is a rose is a rose...

I saw a very rosy dream,
in which a red rose tells me;
"You are a rose, I believe,
then why don't you justify your rosy name for me?"

Sitting on a huge bed full of roses,
White, red, yellow, orange, pink and even multi colour roses!
I wondered how to justify the rosiness of my name,
How to solve, this rosy little game?

"Lets write a poem which is full of roses,
where each and every sentence simply smells of roses."
Seeing the red rose raise a brow,
I quickly got back to my rosy little work!

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth,
What a rosy fragrance resides in it since its very birth!
With a realization that a rose is a rose is a rose,
what more could I have said about a rose?

A red rose whispers passion of love,
A white rose bathes peace of dove,
A yellow love symbolizes friendship and concern,
However, A black rose is not likely to return.

Glancing through my rosy little poem,
I realized that it was such a rosy way to fight away boredom!
And I am sure that if this poem reaches the press,
I would bow down gracefully, with cheeks full of rosiness!