Monday, November 15, 2010

A beginning or an end?

When we were three or four, our parents always nudged us, regarding what we wanted to become when we grew up...
Our adorably cute answers of course ranged from the President of USA, to the Astronaut probably sitting on the moon right then, or well in my case, a Tooth Fairy with a magic wand....

When we were nine or probably ten, they asked us again...
And surprisingly our answers changed to a wide extent!
Now we wanted to become a rock star, a cowboy, a model or well in my case a Teacher...

And now that we have grown up, the question strangely still remains the same. But this time everyone is search of a serious answer...

Well how about this - "Who the hell knows?"

I learned from someone, that this isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions of life. Rather its the time to make as many mistakes as possible!
Catching the wrong train, reaching the entirely wrong destination and getting stuck there for hours and hours..
Falling in love - as much as anyone can even imagine..
Doing a Major in Philosophy 'cause there is no way to make a career out of that!
Changing your mind, 10,000 times a day,
And then changing it again..
And then changing it bloody once again!
Because nothing on this planet is permanent. Nothing at all!

So lets make as many mistakes as possible, so that, someday in the future, when they again ask us the same question, then we wont have to shoot anything in the darkness by making guesses but till then probably we'll know the answer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A rose is a rose is a rose...

I saw a very rosy dream,
in which a red rose tells me;
"You are a rose, I believe,
then why don't you justify your rosy name for me?"

Sitting on a huge bed full of roses,
White, red, yellow, orange, pink and even multi colour roses!
I wondered how to justify the rosiness of my name,
How to solve, this rosy little game?

"Lets write a poem which is full of roses,
where each and every sentence simply smells of roses."
Seeing the red rose raise a brow,
I quickly got back to my rosy little work!

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth,
What a rosy fragrance resides in it since its very birth!
With a realization that a rose is a rose is a rose,
what more could I have said about a rose?

A red rose whispers passion of love,
A white rose bathes peace of dove,
A yellow love symbolizes friendship and concern,
However, A black rose is not likely to return.

Glancing through my rosy little poem,
I realized that it was such a rosy way to fight away boredom!
And I am sure that if this poem reaches the press,
I would bow down gracefully, with cheeks full of rosiness!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lovely Bubbly Mausam...

So this lovely bubbly weather finally gives me an opportunity to pen down my thoughts and finally, yes finally the writer's block comes to its very end!

The wind is blowing so strong,
The blackish clouds hint the wrong,
Little tiny droplets of water fall above,
Just like a touch of dove! :)

So many days have gone by,
I deeply wish that I could write some lullaby,
Life is twisting here and there,
In the world of what, when, who and where...

Sometimes I keep talking to myself,
Sometimes I try and focus on self,
In a world which proves to be of no one,
Its a fight of all, but victory of JUST one!

I am not getting any other word,
Probably my mother is ready to feed me some curd,
Life is amusing yet life is weird,
The weather just made me cry out "cheer"!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Listen to colors - they will guide you!

Listen to colors,
They will guide you...

When all you see are old sheets of paper,
Autumn leaves and bubbly bees,
Butter cups or the sun rising up,
Lemons or some yummy curry;
All you can see is yellow
Need to have a warm heart - smile at the situation
And all your problems shall leave you. Immediately.

Listen to colors,
They will guide you...

When all you see is money,
Loads of trees or piles of peas,
Grass or grapes, threads and drapes
Tea gardens in monsoon rains;
Then all you see is green
People are getting jealous all around, for sure – no worries, though!
You are safe, for green stands for safety and protection
The protection of the earth – the greatest of all.

Listen to colors,
They will guide you...

If the sky is giving the necessary hints,
Signals of oceans or navy soldiers,
Be it the cold moon, or the dancers’ tune,
Or even copper sulphate in the science lab-
All you then see is blue
Then probably you are the stablest person
Your emotions, though, might not be in the same condition...
But since blue represents depth, deep down you know
That someday things will automatically turn out to be good

Listen to colors,
They will guide you...

When all you hear are Christmas carols,
Hand full of rice - some naughty mice,
Milk all around or silk deep down,
Or maybe the falling snow,
All you then see is white
Just be cool, calm and composed!
And problems shall leave you in a state of complete pure

Listen to colors,
They will guide you...

When you see danger signs,
Cut your thumb- spill blood,
Infinite roses - sleepy glasses of wine,
Chillies or the famous Red Riding Hood,
All you then hear is red
A little worrying-a little difficult to handle,
But love shall reach out soon, to take your heart away from you
Show the passion-and sweep you off your feet

Listen to colors,
They will guide you...

When the food in your fridge starts rotting,
Your friends are found plotting,
The witches are out with their allied magic,
And life is nothing but tragic!
All you then hear is black
There might be an absence of light for some time,
but never forget, a dark evening is always followed by a dusky dawn
The broken pieces of the mirror will come together, just wait for a little bit of time

So whats your color telling you?
I hope that you will find your way out soon :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In this struggle...

In this struggle of existing, being, surviving
I have lost my roots,
My desire, my wishes,
Myself, all are forgotten.
I turned around to trace back my path
But, alas, the winds of the time have blown away my footprints.
Sighing, I moved ahead...
Trying to recall who I was, but, to no avail.
My friends are not there
To remind me
Who I am.
I lost them somewhere along the way
And, now, I negotiate,
Through the thick and thin,
Without purpose, without aim,
I struggle my way through...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

..A child lives inside me..

Some deem me to be sweet,

Some feel that I am kind,

Others may feel that I am nobody,

Let me confess, I don’t know myself…

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who likes to play all day,

A child who wants to make your day.

A child who likes to run after butterflies,

A child who likes to buzz just like a bee.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who likes to sing to you,

A child who likes to look at you.

A child wants to be a part of your happiness,

A child who wants to rip away your sadness.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who likes to dream all day long,

A child who likes to pray to God.

A child who wants to shine like a star,

As bright as sunshine could ever be.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who wants nothing from you in return,

Except a warm bridge of love and shelter.

A child who expects nothing from you,

Except your words of guidance and support.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who wants to have a nice bath every day,

A child who just wants a cozy bed to lay.

A child who likes to look at the sky above,

A child who likes to make castles in the mud.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who wants to learn all the alphabets again,

A for apple, B for ball, C for cat and D for doll.

A child who likes to stare at the sparrows,

A child who likes to play with the doves.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who likes to swing just like a daffodil,

A child who likes to collect white daisies and yellow buttercups.

A child who likes lying on the green grass,

A child who likes the smell of wet land.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child lives inside me.

A child who likes to think, think and just think.

A child who likes to observe how the eyes blink.

A child who knows probably, nothing at all,

Except that life is much more beautiful than what we think.

Of all I know and what I feel

Is that a child REALLY lives inside me...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kuch Ankaheen Baatein...

Yaad hain wo din?

Jab hum the kitney pass

Sadaa dost rehney ki

Thi humaari aas.

Saath ghumein, saath kheley,

Aur kitni maari gappey

Pata nahi kitni this sach

Aur kitni thi bas lappey...

Wo sunherey pal aur

Who sunheri baatein,

Dekho bhool na jaana tum

Yeh sunheri yaadein.

Hassi, mazaak, baatein

Baney jeeven key usool,

Maaf kar dena mujhey,

Hui ho agar koi bhool.

Prarn liya tha jab humnein,

Aankhon sey paani gaya jhalak,

Saath rahengey hum sada hi,

Chaahey rahein ho jaaye alag.

Samay ney humko murdkar na dekha,

Aur aagey chalta gaya,

Ek chauraahey par khadey hain hum,

Jahaan sey saara jahaan lagey naya.

Akeley ho tum, Akeley hain hum,

Saamney ek naya jahaan,

Par yaad rakhungi mei tumhein,

Chaahey mai jaun jahaan.

P.S. I scribbled this poem in one of my diaries when I was in class 6th. While cleaning my desk last week, I found a shabby, torn sheet of paper which refreshed certain nostalgic memories buried deep down in the past. Time really passes by so fast, yet each moment has its own very importance in one's life. Its funny how we give such special positions to people who don't even look behind at us, not even once..................

Friday, January 22, 2010

...Silver Beads...

They want to uproar with a message was what I thought,
When I glared at the mystic and dark outline of her eyes-
I should have realized that it was going to be really tough,
But once we're in the maze, all we want to do is get out.

She seemed to be lost in some random melody,
Probably whispering the lyrics of her favorite song,
Clutching something really tightly in her right hand,
And moving like a breeze in an unknown direction.

As she moved further, she slowly uncurled the fingers of her hand,
I stared at it for long, and noticed some tiny silver beads.
One after the other, she started dropping them cautiously on the mud,
It reminded me of that fairy tale where dropped pebbles lead to a happy ending.

But I kept on wondering, those
Beads were as small as the tip of a needle
Too small to even notice - but maybe enough
For the one who may come after them one day, I concluded.

After dropping all possible hints,
She finally sat down on the damp pavement
Deep in a reverie, she suddenly smiled
For once - what a killer smile it was.

As my heart started connecting with hers,
It seemed to give me a sweet yet sour feeling;
On one end, she inspired me somewhere deep down,
And on the other, she confused me further by not being open.

As I tried approaching her, slowly and calmly
She got up and hastened towards a safer place
“I won’t harm you”, I cried loudly
But one.two.three, she just simply vanished.

As I tried to move further,
I banged my head against something hard,
I should have realized that I was just
Standing in front of my room’s mirror.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Questions are endless...

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ! Really ?

Why everything apparently ends up as a mere illusion?

Is the sun giving a hint of the approaching darkness through its setting down ?

Are the ripples in the water widening with the passage of time ?

who knows !

Questions are endless but answers are nowhere...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy ThanksGiving Day

I start with wishing you all on the occasion of ThanksGiving. A wonderful tradition followed by people of the foreign shores to thank and and express gratitude.

In heavily exaggerated tones, the author of this blog has introduced me several times here and I guess most of you might be well acquainted with me already.

So..what the hell am I doing here?

Well my creative cells were dying away so I asked Pankhuri to explore my creativity at creativity explored.
This blog came up in the blogosphere some years back and has been doing exceptionally well since then. So much so, this should be the 150 th post for the blog.

So there is a message I would like to dispense to you all...

Speak Up .... For you don't know how much your silence is going to cost you.
Speak Up .... For your opinion may matter more than you can imagine.
Speak Up ... For thoughts have no value until they are shared.
Speak Up ... For the world and yourself to know exactly who you are.

And what wonderful medium you can come across to speak so freely than blogging.
Have a great day people. Enjoy !!!
Tushar Mangl
Blog Orangy