Monday, July 28, 2008

..Kahee - Ankahee Baatein 6..

okiezzz...soo testi for pankhu madame....hmm....running out of wrds!!! known her for 3 yrs......n in dat 3 yrs....v both ve been thru sweet n sad moments....fightz,masti,eating food in class,bunking,havin parties,get 2 gethers after exams,skool picnic,commenting on ppl,doin velapanti in skool,lying 2 teachers bout sprains(remember bunking??),roaming on skyway,listening 2 a****'s poem on da stage n commntn on his diction of "chahiya",making fun bout masha-allah mwahhhh!!!lolzzzz,bunking arrangements of 2nd lang.,commntn on 2 da loo n cing u'r M.C pulling walk.....ohhh god...been thru such good n bad happens...irrespective of da stupid fightzz....u ve been a darling..ahhh....can't ever forget da fun v ve.......on 1 side u ve provide me wid a shoulder 2 cry on n on da othr side updatin wid da latest gossip ahhh...pankhu how will i servive widout u???u ve been a tremendous frnd n a gr8 supporter....crossin wrd limit...plz accept it, tried hard!!!luv


Sunday, July 27, 2008

..Kahee - Ankahee Baatein 5..

Pankhu.. aka Pankhuri, the girl as mystical as her name. The sweet and adorable lil baby can change without a moments notice to a red hot siren!(God save the guys then) and have u ever seen her dance(she could give Helen a complex), but when the situation calls for it she becomes a pure professional ..her transformation is so complete that I am actually flummoxed at her diverse personality…beauty with brains, a potent combination; she’s a witch who has bewitched everyone with her charm and wit.But beyond her pretty face lives an even more endearing soul which endeavours to do the right thing despite all odds...her zeal n enthusiasm for life never ceases to flabbergast me! she goes the extra mile, does it a lil differently.. which distinguishes her from the mediocre.(success is gonna be at ur feet in no time babes, and u know that) ..she’s my fast friend , my co-conspirator in all our pankhu, my photogenic muse, a little bit of sanity to my insane world. U r the very best!!!
Keep cheesin..!!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

..Kahee - Ankahee Baatein 4..

oh mY gudness
wat to write abou this girl man..
She is Such a sweet girl... no 1 can expect wats her abilities..
the wrd expect the unexpected is the exact 1 which suits to this rock chick..!
wat to tell abou this girl...
and i can tell you that u never know what shez gonna do, she's so unpredictable. She's a very good daughter and her parents are lucky to have Pankhu..
her name is so different very rare.. but she is a very nice girl..wid very nice way of talk.
SHE IS A FRIEND WHO IS TOUGH 2 FIND, BUT EVEN TOUGHEST 2 LOOSE.she is damn sweet & cute..always tries to have fun..she is funloving girl & rocking 1..
well she is so cute & sweet as every1 is like that..but rely this girl is has a very interesting & unique character.
very free & frank !!! she is a music freak...
4 the time being. hope that this is the biggest ever u got til now..
never change for any1.. b urself...
have a nice time..
keep smiling.. keep rocking ... u rock chick..!


Friday, July 25, 2008

..Kahee - Ankahee Baatein 3..

Pankhuri...she a sweet lil sweetheart...she is someone unique n its awesome to talk to her...u wont ever get bored...she makes u laugh many tyms wid her frequently changin way o talkin n u never noe whats to come next...shes a person who'll listen to ny o ur crap n ll help u everytym u need her help...shes a music luver...well then who isn't LoL...this lil baby has brains o a genius...she writes awesome...dunno who puts all those awesome thoughts in ur mind...n this genius is gr8 at gettin marks...dunno wat all this multi talented gal can do...dats all fr now pankhu...n remember any problem u hav...m always ther...take care...mwah..
( 2/7/08)


..kahee - Ankahee Baatein 2..

..υмм..ι νє ησ кℓυє ωσт 2 ѕαу вσυт ∂ιѕ gυяℓ..
..мαн ∂αяℓιη...¢нωєєтнєαят...αηgєℓ....ℓυкz ℓук α вαявιє ∂σℓℓ..2 ¢υтє..ℓυνιη..кαяιη..α∂σяαвℓє..ƒяηℓι..ιηησ¢єηт..∂є¢єηт..ѕσвєя..нєℓρƒυℓ..ρяєтту..ѕмαят..кσσℓ..
нєαят мєℓтιη..ѕятιкιη..η м яυηηιη ѕнσят σν α∂נєктινєz 4 ∂ιѕ ℓσνєℓу gυяℓ..ѕнєz α яєαℓ вℓєѕѕιη 4 σℓ ∂αн ρρℓ αяσυη∂ нєя..η 8 тумz ι яєαℓℓι ωση∂єя..ρρℓ ℓук нєя ѕтιℓℓ єχιѕт ιη ∂αн ωσяℓ∂....ѕσ ωαям..¢нєєяƒυℓ..єηєяgєтιк..ѕнє кαη кєєρ уα ѕмуℓιη єνєη ιη ∂αн ∂αякєѕт ρнαѕє σν уυя ℓуƒ..η νℓℓ ѕтαη∂ ву уσυ υη∂єя αηу ¢ιя¢υмѕтαη¢єѕ..νяу ѕυρρσятινє η αктυαℓℓι α тяυє ƒяη..α gєм σν α ρєяѕση..ωι∂ α нєαят σν gσℓ∂..αктυαℓℓι σν ∂ιαмση∂..ℓσℓχχ..[:D]..αƒтα σℓ ∂ιαмση∂z я gιяℓz вѕт ƒяєηz....ѕнєz тσтαℓℓι αмαzιη..α яσккѕтαя..η ѕнєz ηт α ρєяѕση нυ υ кαη єαѕιℓу ℓєт gσ..кυz ση¢є υ кυм ¢ℓσѕє 2 нєя..ιт ℓℓ в 2 нαя∂ 4 υ 2 ℓσѕє нєя..!!σℓ ι ωαηηα тєℓℓ уα ιѕ ∂αн ∂υнη єνα ¢нαηgє..¢υz ν σℓ ℓυν уα ∂ ωαу υ я..
gσ∂ вℓєѕѕ!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

..kahee - ankahee baatein 1..

pankhuri - hmmmmm wht to say abt dis gal??????
well we met abt a year ago in orkut since then she has been a gr8 friend of mine .
She is "born to be coooool" kinda gal, wid a bit of attitude.Ther r hardly few things tht r common between us but still we r good friends.
May be its her out look towards life which makes her diff frm others nd thts wht i like abt
her.She is a vry strong character nd she is such kinda gal hu ll never show u her emotions. She might appear as rough nd tough kinda gal but lemme tell u she is damn emotional(god hu knws it better than me, man she gave me a hard time but it was my fault ny ways).We share a lot of secrets,well lemme me tell u one secret of her, this chick is a damn good writer.At times
i think she is tooo much matured for a gal of age 14.
She never waste ny opportunity to give me ny gyan (well the thing is her gyans helped me a lot, uffff sooo embarrassing).She used to treat me as if i m of her(or may be younger than her) age but she is quite younger than me(lol).The thing wher she beats evry one of us is tht she has got a golden heart which is made of 24 carat gold nt 22 carat.But as they say nthin is perfect she is also nt an xception.At times she trust ppl bit early ,she hardly controls her self (when u r a good friend of her) to help u out or to say ny hard word if u hav done ny thing wrong at times it works against her but it also shows how pure she is.But i like her as a friend nd i m happy nd lucky to hav a friend like her, wish u success in future nd hav a life full of masti nd dhamal u SAITAN ladki(dil pe mat lenaaaaaa lolz)......


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

..kahee - ankahee baatein..

~~*Part 1*~~
Pankhuri...pankhu for her friends...(maybe one day i too will be in that elite list)
Though she has a large number of testimonials...let me also jump into the band wagon and jot down sum words for this wonderful outgoing extrovert personality.
First things first...This dame is an enigmatic personality...and if u solve this enigma...u really are a special person in her life...I hope i succeed in my mission...
Doesnt trust sumone very elusive...amazing sense of humour knos she is...Circumstances and lack of time hasnt allowed me to kno her much...then will write a more elongated testi...
Chalojie continuing...Venus...the ruling planet of her zodiac sign libra has loads of influence on her...which is evident from her interests in arts...dances...romance...entertainment...muzic infact her great sense of creativity was the first thing i had noticed...when sent her a request for friendship...Now let me throw some light on the mental side of this pretty young girl...extremely intelligent...witty...clevr,,,intellectual i suppose...ya is intellectual...will amaze ppl with her witty and knowledgeful talks...but isnt arrogant...judgemental am not 100% sure...sounds humble,,,caring....will go out of her way to help her friends,,,is choosy in making friends but once u in the inner circle...u are in for a real treat of yur life,,, Basically...a person with a soft heart...and a hard mind...a lethal combo which makes this gal extremely special...Anyhting else...ya loves to play badminton and hr guitar...wish to write a better testi one fine day...pankhu madam even if yu dont like it keep it...will improve it later for yu...writng doesnt seem to be my cuppa of tea...anyways before signing off...let me quote the great writer,,,Robert Louis Stevenson
"We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend."
I have found one...and am very proud of my possession...

~~*Part 2*~~
Well this is the 4th testimonial am writng for her...and as i had said in the eralier ones tht i will write another one...Well if i cauld i culd have written a whole her book on pankhu...But then on second thots...How to describe such a sweet person...full of care and affection for her friends...Tht it touches deep inside...Sumtimes in times of soltitude,,,i wonder..ppl like her still exist...its an amazing thing in itself...takes her own sweet time in coming close to ppl...and if u r one of those as i had written earlier u r in for a treat...but then i had underestimated the treat,,,its now tht i really experience it do i find...tht life just chnges its colors wenvr she is nearby...Its more vibrant more active,,,more intresting...the hues of her affecionate friendship...glowering my life...And tht was even more evident wen one of my very close friends commented on the testimonials she write for me tht tushar this side of urs i nvr seen before...i said to myself tht is how is it with pankhu...her innonence and kiddish acts invoking deeply buried nostalgic memories...thts wat her magic lies,,,inside this innocent kiddish acts i see sparks of a grown-up young lady,,,the strength...the brains...the knowledge...the experiences tht make the person wise,,,and then i look at those smiling talks,,,I sense an inspiration...pankhuri...u r a great human...this world needs many more pankhuris,,,like u ,,, but for me am more then content with this one pankhuri...thnx very much for ur friendship,,,i would be grateful for those glorious moments u spent with me....thnk u

-Tushar ;-)