Thursday, July 24, 2008

..kahee - ankahee baatein 1..

pankhuri - hmmmmm wht to say abt dis gal??????
well we met abt a year ago in orkut since then she has been a gr8 friend of mine .
She is "born to be coooool" kinda gal, wid a bit of attitude.Ther r hardly few things tht r common between us but still we r good friends.
May be its her out look towards life which makes her diff frm others nd thts wht i like abt
her.She is a vry strong character nd she is such kinda gal hu ll never show u her emotions. She might appear as rough nd tough kinda gal but lemme tell u she is damn emotional(god hu knws it better than me, man she gave me a hard time but it was my fault ny ways).We share a lot of secrets,well lemme me tell u one secret of her, this chick is a damn good writer.At times
i think she is tooo much matured for a gal of age 14.
She never waste ny opportunity to give me ny gyan (well the thing is her gyans helped me a lot, uffff sooo embarrassing).She used to treat me as if i m of her(or may be younger than her) age but she is quite younger than me(lol).The thing wher she beats evry one of us is tht she has got a golden heart which is made of 24 carat gold nt 22 carat.But as they say nthin is perfect she is also nt an xception.At times she trust ppl bit early ,she hardly controls her self (when u r a good friend of her) to help u out or to say ny hard word if u hav done ny thing wrong at times it works against her but it also shows how pure she is.But i like her as a friend nd i m happy nd lucky to hav a friend like her, wish u success in future nd hav a life full of masti nd dhamal u SAITAN ladki(dil pe mat lenaaaaaa lolz)......