Sunday, July 27, 2008

..Kahee - Ankahee Baatein 5..

Pankhu.. aka Pankhuri, the girl as mystical as her name. The sweet and adorable lil baby can change without a moments notice to a red hot siren!(God save the guys then) and have u ever seen her dance(she could give Helen a complex), but when the situation calls for it she becomes a pure professional ..her transformation is so complete that I am actually flummoxed at her diverse personality…beauty with brains, a potent combination; she’s a witch who has bewitched everyone with her charm and wit.But beyond her pretty face lives an even more endearing soul which endeavours to do the right thing despite all odds...her zeal n enthusiasm for life never ceases to flabbergast me! she goes the extra mile, does it a lil differently.. which distinguishes her from the mediocre.(success is gonna be at ur feet in no time babes, and u know that) ..she’s my fast friend , my co-conspirator in all our pankhu, my photogenic muse, a little bit of sanity to my insane world. U r the very best!!!
Keep cheesin..!!!



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