Monday, September 7, 2009

..The serenity of the moonlight..

In my previous post I was talking about one of the most common natural phenomenon that takes place on earth i.e. “The Rain”. Digging out more of such natural phenomenons’, let us now extend our talks to the moon and its tranquil light…
This time again, I was sitting beside the door of my balcony and me eyes popped up right into the sky. Cloudy atmosphere, dusky background, hazy scenario…and then finally, the moon came into my sight. At a snail's pace it carefully shifted from its present position to another one. Shiny brightly, I then realized that it was a full moon. The magic of the tranquility could now be easily observed. One again my mind started playing its ‘weird games’ with me…
We are all aware of the fact that moon doesn’t have its own light but reflects the light of the sun. Also, it keeps on changing its shape and size from time to time. Doesn’t this arrangement play a very significant role in our lifestyles as well? And I must say that this question was just the beginning……
Love, friendship, let’s take any other relationship for that matter; aren’t they all showcasing each other’s light in their own respective lives? Isn’t it that, that the person is incomplete without the other person’s light yet has never acknowledged this fact? And isn’t it that an ideal example of how one has to coincide with his/her lover in order to leave a deep-casting impression on the world?
MOONLIGHT TALK 1: Start acknowledging the fact that your life is beautiful not because of your own efforts but because of somebody else’s. The sooner you acknowledge it, the better it is for you.
There’s another aspect about this “whole moonlight talk”. Every single day the moon is in a different shape (it may not be that substantially visible/acknowledged by the viewers everyday though) depending upon its own and the earth’s position. Just like that we may have various low phrases in our relationships, in our lives due to various external factors which may/may not be visible to our lovers/friends/parents etc but they somewhere down the line do affect our mental/emotional state. But that doesn’t stop the moon from once again increasing its shape and light the following day. Then why shall it affect us even for a moment or two? What’s the point of first falling down and then rising up when we can rise up anyway?
MOONLIGHT TALK 2: Stop cribbing about the fact that your lover/best-test-test friend didn’t came to know that you were low some day. If something is really bothering the core of yours, then go and share it. Simple. No matter how low you are today, one has to rise above the normal strata of emotions to once again illuminate the world tomorrow. Right? Am I making enough sense?
Lastly, the moon shines. Right? Umm, for whom does it take that much of pain to come out every night, stay there for the whole night, move in the morning to a different location, to once again illuminate the other side of the earth?
For those small children who don’t even know what moon is?
For those youngsters who are busying talking to their recently made boyfriends/girlfriends and are unaware that its 2.30 A.M.
For those working force that is busying yawning and once again re-reciting that “It was a tiring day today”.
MOONLIGHT TALK 3: Guys is high time one should realize that one is here on this earth for a motive. If god has really taken that much of pain to send you here, you have to repay him with loads of things. Nah, gifts won’t do the needful. One has to move on in life, one has to leave his/her depleting emotions aside and do good for others. No matter, even if no one acknowledges your random “Acts of kindness”, but it shouldn't affect your aim of doing good to others. Always remember, that in the end, IT’S NOT BETWEEN YOU AND OTHERS ITS BETWEEN YOU AND GOD.
MOONLIGHT TALK 4: Even if I didn't make much sense this time, try and understand my point :) It might just help you somewhere down the line :)