Monday, July 26, 2010

Lovely Bubbly Mausam...

So this lovely bubbly weather finally gives me an opportunity to pen down my thoughts and finally, yes finally the writer's block comes to its very end!

The wind is blowing so strong,
The blackish clouds hint the wrong,
Little tiny droplets of water fall above,
Just like a touch of dove! :)

So many days have gone by,
I deeply wish that I could write some lullaby,
Life is twisting here and there,
In the world of what, when, who and where...

Sometimes I keep talking to myself,
Sometimes I try and focus on self,
In a world which proves to be of no one,
Its a fight of all, but victory of JUST one!

I am not getting any other word,
Probably my mother is ready to feed me some curd,
Life is amusing yet life is weird,
The weather just made me cry out "cheer"!