Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Questions are endless...

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ! Really ?

Why everything apparently ends up as a mere illusion?

Is the sun giving a hint of the approaching darkness through its setting down ?

Are the ripples in the water widening with the passage of time ?

who knows !

Questions are endless but answers are nowhere...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy ThanksGiving Day

I start with wishing you all on the occasion of ThanksGiving. A wonderful tradition followed by people of the foreign shores to thank and and express gratitude.

In heavily exaggerated tones, the author of this blog has introduced me several times here and I guess most of you might be well acquainted with me already.

So..what the hell am I doing here?

Well my creative cells were dying away so I asked Pankhuri to explore my creativity at creativity explored.
This blog came up in the blogosphere some years back and has been doing exceptionally well since then. So much so, this should be the 150 th post for the blog.

So there is a message I would like to dispense to you all...

Speak Up .... For you don't know how much your silence is going to cost you.
Speak Up .... For your opinion may matter more than you can imagine.
Speak Up ... For thoughts have no value until they are shared.
Speak Up ... For the world and yourself to know exactly who you are.

And what wonderful medium you can come across to speak so freely than blogging.
Have a great day people. Enjoy !!!
Tushar Mangl
Blog Orangy

Monday, September 7, 2009

..The serenity of the moonlight..

In my previous post I was talking about one of the most common natural phenomenon that takes place on earth i.e. “The Rain”. Digging out more of such natural phenomenons’, let us now extend our talks to the moon and its tranquil light…
This time again, I was sitting beside the door of my balcony and me eyes popped up right into the sky. Cloudy atmosphere, dusky background, hazy scenario…and then finally, the moon came into my sight. At a snail's pace it carefully shifted from its present position to another one. Shiny brightly, I then realized that it was a full moon. The magic of the tranquility could now be easily observed. One again my mind started playing its ‘weird games’ with me…
We are all aware of the fact that moon doesn’t have its own light but reflects the light of the sun. Also, it keeps on changing its shape and size from time to time. Doesn’t this arrangement play a very significant role in our lifestyles as well? And I must say that this question was just the beginning……
Love, friendship, let’s take any other relationship for that matter; aren’t they all showcasing each other’s light in their own respective lives? Isn’t it that, that the person is incomplete without the other person’s light yet has never acknowledged this fact? And isn’t it that an ideal example of how one has to coincide with his/her lover in order to leave a deep-casting impression on the world?
MOONLIGHT TALK 1: Start acknowledging the fact that your life is beautiful not because of your own efforts but because of somebody else’s. The sooner you acknowledge it, the better it is for you.
There’s another aspect about this “whole moonlight talk”. Every single day the moon is in a different shape (it may not be that substantially visible/acknowledged by the viewers everyday though) depending upon its own and the earth’s position. Just like that we may have various low phrases in our relationships, in our lives due to various external factors which may/may not be visible to our lovers/friends/parents etc but they somewhere down the line do affect our mental/emotional state. But that doesn’t stop the moon from once again increasing its shape and light the following day. Then why shall it affect us even for a moment or two? What’s the point of first falling down and then rising up when we can rise up anyway?
MOONLIGHT TALK 2: Stop cribbing about the fact that your lover/best-test-test friend didn’t came to know that you were low some day. If something is really bothering the core of yours, then go and share it. Simple. No matter how low you are today, one has to rise above the normal strata of emotions to once again illuminate the world tomorrow. Right? Am I making enough sense?
Lastly, the moon shines. Right? Umm, for whom does it take that much of pain to come out every night, stay there for the whole night, move in the morning to a different location, to once again illuminate the other side of the earth?
For those small children who don’t even know what moon is?
For those youngsters who are busying talking to their recently made boyfriends/girlfriends and are unaware that its 2.30 A.M.
For those working force that is busying yawning and once again re-reciting that “It was a tiring day today”.
MOONLIGHT TALK 3: Guys is high time one should realize that one is here on this earth for a motive. If god has really taken that much of pain to send you here, you have to repay him with loads of things. Nah, gifts won’t do the needful. One has to move on in life, one has to leave his/her depleting emotions aside and do good for others. No matter, even if no one acknowledges your random “Acts of kindness”, but it shouldn't affect your aim of doing good to others. Always remember, that in the end, IT’S NOT BETWEEN YOU AND OTHERS ITS BETWEEN YOU AND GOD.
MOONLIGHT TALK 4: Even if I didn't make much sense this time, try and understand my point :) It might just help you somewhere down the line :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...Another spell of rain..

Keeping all the explanations aside, yeah !! Finally I'm back to the blogging world. Credit undoubtedly goes to the blogger and much more a very nice friend of mine namely Shruti :) who constantly made an effort of dropping by on facebook again and again to remind me that she is really missing reading me here :) So babes, this one goes out for you :)

So after a very long time, the monsoon finally show-cased its actually hues of affection by pouring so heavily, that one couldn't even pin-point the background due to the non-stop image being created of water droplets that were falling down continuously. The atmosphere all around, the winds blowing here and there, the clouds bearing more of rain...all simply called for a big wow. In fact, At one point of time; it became like really really tough to digest the same. But many peoples' "uncalled-for pinches and punches" were more than enough to make me believe the very same :D

After coming back home from school, and after settling everything properly in their right place; once again a burst of clouds took place and the rain climbed the peaks of everything. It was then, that my mind started playing certain "thought games" with my heart. I sat on the floor next to the door of my balcony, trying to enjoy the windy rain shower to the fullest, also time to time looking at the sky which did a good job of bearing those heavy black clouds. A thought just popped in my mind right then.....

I always saw rain as a "medium of affection", a "medium of love", a "medium of emotions". I strongly feel that God has many ways to connect the ones he should by various means, one of them being rain. No matter how far you live, no matter how lonely you feel; rain carries some of the very strong vibes which envelope one completely. No matter how long you have been separated from your beloved, the smell of rain catch holds your dying embers of trust, belief and optimism every time. If there are endless things that can turn you down, there are also things that can very well uplift you :) And rain is surely one of them. Its something that you can feel, something that you can see, something that you can hear, something that you can taste, something that you can touch, something that you can play with...something your beloved can feel as well, no matter how far you guys are from each other, no matter how deep is the feeling of "longing" in you guys...it just washes everything, it gives you a new touch, a new feeling, a new smile, a new spirit....

Even after standing so strong at this point of view of mine, there came another thought in my mind trying its level best to grab hold of my attention. Today the rain had something different. Even after all the positive hues and vibes, there was a slight touch of negativity which came into sight. It appeared as if the sky was crying, crying out very loud...on seeing the condition of all its lovers. It seemed that the sky was missing the love, the feelings, the comfort, the pride, the hopes, the beliefs and say every possible thing...

The possible explanation is..wherever there is white, there will be black as well. I am surely aware of this very basic fact of life, but why isn't the sky aware of the same? Why it seems to be so innocent that its tears make ones heart pop out? Why it cried so much today? So much that one cant witness its condition for very long? Why? Are the lovers really disappointing him? Is the present state of those relationships enough to make him shed so many tears at once?

May be the design which he once made for all the friends, all the lovers, all of those who are in any sort of relationship with someone..is some where down the line not enough to keep them together...not enough to generate some kind of warmth in the relationship...not enough to uplift the love they have for each other...not enough to shrink the atmosphere of disappointment...not enough to remove the clouds of darkness....

Don't hate me for making you read so much :D
You see..writers bhi kabhi kabhi flow mein aa jaate hain :D
Signing off..loads of love and best wishes in this rainy season :)
Yours only..

Sunday, May 24, 2009


How would you feel if a friend of yours gives you a missed call early in the morning and when you call him back say just after mere 15 minutes, he fails to recognize you?? ..In fact he assumes that you are someone else and starts talking randomly without even giving it a thought?? ..Some might feel amazed, some irritated, while some people might be sad, but sometimes such things should really happen in one’s life :D
Ummm….wondering why..??
Because my dear friend...sometimes the friend with whom you are talking might reveal some secrets which you never knew???
How’s that now???

Story revolves around the following 5 people:

Blogger R :D :D
Blogger G :D :D
A guy “H” ( G’s friend)
Tushar Mangal...who is though not playing any main role in the story but since there is no one to hold the major responsibilities like printing the marriage cards and all of that…I somehow included him as well :D :D
And me of course :D :D

It’s basically a blooming love story of the two namely R and G :-)
“H” happens to be a kabaab mein haddi :D :D
And I am the head of this pagal – pan academy and also the little sister of G…not real though…but still kissi ko to shaadi karvaani hai in dono ki :D :D
To yeh zimma mainey uthaa liya hai :D :D :D...to R hua mera future jeeju :D
Tushar in sab mein meri help karega as he does in every little thing of mines :D :D


So early in the morning, I was just sitting with a colony friend of mine at my place where suddenly my phone pops up…

“R calling “

So I picked up the phone...and I said a very flaunting “hello “…itna flaunting tha who hello ki who to fidaaa hi ho jaata meri voice par :D :D
It just came from inside…feel waala hello hota hainaa :D wohhh :D :D

But unfortunately…Mr R cut the phone…the very flaunting dreams crashed :-(

FACT 1 : All boys are the same :D :D

Chalo koi baat nai..after some time when my friend left, I gave him a call.
His caller tune was the song “ Tom’s Diner “ a song which has recently entered the favorite list of songs of first G and then R (as G made him hear the same)

EVIDENCE NUMBER 1 : People in love mostly like the same things…and they do something or the other to make the other one feel special :D :D

Coming back…Mr R was may be still sleeping mentally that he thought that I’m G and started talking randomly.

EVIDENCE NUMBER 2 : A person in love always find the other soul mate present everywhere even if she/he is not there :D :D

Since it was my first personal talk with R on phone, I thought ki who aisa hi hoyega…So I didn’t say anything thought every moment I felt that hes talking something in continuation…suddenly he goes like

- “I’m on your blog abhi”
- And im like..ohkk..thats nice
- “yeh “H” badi chummiya shummiyaan bhej raha hai “
- “ummmmmm” ohk (thinking that hoyega koi Blogger)
- And again “H” ki baatein aaye..to I’m like btw who “H” ??
- And hes like rehn dey…
- And again I was like..no I want to know..whos this H…who is sending me kisses ??
- And I said I have heard his name through G but I don’t have any friend named “H”
- he is like chuck it
- Im like ohk :-S

- When am I getting the pictures ??
- And im like..yaa you wanted to see them naa…but I was confused ki kaunsi dikhaaun..chal aajkal mein dikha dungi
- Hes like nai abhi :-S
- And im like abhi im tired..kabhi baad mein
- And he said how come you’re ready to show me the pictures???
- And im like did I say no before?
- And hes like yes
- And im like no
And hes like hang on….
And im like there is some confusion…
Hes like who are you??
And im like pankhuri????
Hes like are you sure you are not G??
And im like ya...Unfortunately my parents named me pankhuri only…and not G

And then was R ‘s nice hahahahahaha laughter

EVIDENCE NUMBER 3 : He wanted to see her pictures…..
La la la la la la la la :D :D :D

EVIDENCE NUMBER 4 : Facebook comments…pictures…status…blog updates clearly reveal the chemistry, physics and all that is in between these lovely bloggers :D :D……

FACT NUMBER 2 : Love blossoms everywhere…even in the blogging world :D :D

Mainey to clearly bol diya hai R ko…incase they are planning to marry each other ; the head of the pagal pan academy change nai hoyegi :D :D
Kyunki contract mein aisa likha hai ki agar koi bandi shaadi kar leti hai…to head usko bana dengey :D :D :D

And also..Mujhko Tushar ka ek aur role mill gaya :D :D
Jab merey kids hoyegey…to who yeh dhyaan rakheyga ki R aur G ki bacheyy merey bachon ko tang naa kareyy :D :D
Kyunki bachpan mein bacheyy bahut komal swaabhaav key hotey haina :D :D
To Aiseyy achi baat nai hoti :D :D
Ki Hum unka naa-jaayas faida uthaaye :D :D

And I also welcomed R to our pagal pan academy :D :D :D

And I promised him…that at the end of this exercise he will be atleast 1 Percent like me :D :D :D
And I guess…that also is too much for him…bichaara abhi sey tension mein aa gaya hai :D :D
FACT NUMBER 3 : I think they will kill me for writing all this bakwass :D :D
And infact..Specially after seeing all these relevant pictures :D :D
If you find me dead dear bloggers…Its proves that this story is cent percent real :D :D…So guys..You can’t do anything to me :D :D :D

Never call someone in the morning when there are chances that you are sleepy..And you might say anything to anyone…and they make it quite a big issue :D :D :D
And still you cant say anything to that person...because he/she is simple the best :D :D

You can call someone in the morning..Sometimes its really fun :D :D

FACT NUMBER 4 :I have recently named myself as the little messenger of god :D :D :D…and I am the best :D :D

FACT NUMBER 5 : This was total humor…actually yeh likhney key liye mujhko paisey milney waaley hain :D :D

FACT NUMBER 6 : I know kissi bhi outsider blogger ko kuch samaj nai aaya hoga :D :D....My apologies for the same :-)
I was just in my total hight spirits when I firstly talked with R…Secondly when I dreamed about this post…and thirdly when I wrote this post :D :D
So a combination of all the three got me this post :D:D

FACT NUMBER 7 : The people who will help me in this marry the blogger mission :D :D…will get special gift hampers from Tushar Mangal :D :D :D
[see..see…tushki…tera kitna bada role hai, is love story mein :D :D ]

P.S : Take everything writen in this post as a nice light joke..
it though has all the truth but it was just to get some smiles on the faces of some friends who dont smile nowadays :-) be it because of any reason...and this post is dedicated to someone who recently asked me show this side of mine in my blog.. :-))
signing off…
loads of love…
pankhuri :-))

Monday, April 27, 2009

..Todays random poetry writing..

Free Monday Tests periods for class 11th..so the school came out with an inovative poetry writing stuff to keep us busy for those 2 hrs...Me and Mehak thought we should combine our inputs..but at the end it just turned out to be something like this...see below :
The topics were
What DPS means to me?
DPS - my school, my life
It took us quite some time to actually figure out the difference between the two..and then we were at our best poetry....hahahaha..check it out...
What DPS means to me ??
By Mehak and Pankhuri
(( we said my name in such a way that it came out to be rhyming with the title ))
{{ see the poetic feel }}
A man asked me " what DPS means to me ? "
When my mind was flying like a bee...
A story I had to reveal...
About whom I want to be.....
After all,he asked me...what DPS means to me ??
It is like an ocean full of sharks,
But at the end we sing like larks..
Barking dogs seldom bite...
However a dipsite never barks ( !! )
After all,he asked me...What DPS means to me ??
DPS starts with D...
And the second letter is P...
After all, I'm a spelling bee....
And infact..he asked me,what DPS means to me ??
Its a never ending story...
Where life has been a hanky - dory.....
****thank you****
TO be honest..Im prepared if any of my present blog reader is willing to give up the idea of reading my blog from now on....hahahahaha.. :-))))