Saturday, July 26, 2008

..Kahee - Ankahee Baatein 4..

oh mY gudness
wat to write abou this girl man..
She is Such a sweet girl... no 1 can expect wats her abilities..
the wrd expect the unexpected is the exact 1 which suits to this rock chick..!
wat to tell abou this girl...
and i can tell you that u never know what shez gonna do, she's so unpredictable. She's a very good daughter and her parents are lucky to have Pankhu..
her name is so different very rare.. but she is a very nice girl..wid very nice way of talk.
SHE IS A FRIEND WHO IS TOUGH 2 FIND, BUT EVEN TOUGHEST 2 LOOSE.she is damn sweet & cute..always tries to have fun..she is funloving girl & rocking 1..
well she is so cute & sweet as every1 is like that..but rely this girl is has a very interesting & unique character.
very free & frank !!! she is a music freak...
4 the time being. hope that this is the biggest ever u got til now..
never change for any1.. b urself...
have a nice time..
keep smiling.. keep rocking ... u rock chick..!



Tshhar Mangal said...

good points.
I never knew these things about you.

ραηкнυяι said...