Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Questions are endless...

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ! Really ?

Why everything apparently ends up as a mere illusion?

Is the sun giving a hint of the approaching darkness through its setting down ?

Are the ripples in the water widening with the passage of time ?

who knows !

Questions are endless but answers are nowhere...


Moonlight said...

Nice Post.
Indeed, questions are endless.

Snow White said...

hi pankhuri,
loved it friend :)questions are indeed endless..nice thinking :)

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Moonlight :)

Yes ! they are !
indeed !
thanks :)

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Snow white :)

thanku girl :) :)
thanks ! :)

Yellow Tulip said...

soo true...lovely pics:)

Niraj said...

great thinking...seems so simple yet unanswerable..!!

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Yellow tulip :)

absolutely !
thanku :)

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Niraj :)

thanks for dropping by :)
a very thoughful approach though !
hainaa? :)

Niraj said...

ya..a truly thoughtful approach..i truly agree..

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Niraj :)

:) :)

Rajlakshmi said...

beautiful colorful post... the answers we have to find ourselves

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Rajlakshmi :)

thanks for dropping by !
indeed its a self quest !
thanku :)

chocolate lover said...

nice.. :))

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Chocolate lover :)

thanku :)

Raj said...

questions are weapons of destruction against the answers that lie inside yourself.

tsk tsk... philosophy :D

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Raj :)

I am impressed ! :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very true !!!!

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Ashq :)

yup :)

Abhay Patel said...

wow...really good photos. I appreciate your work. Thank you.

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